A downloadable game

It's an amphibian dating sim that I made for class. Not good, don't play.

Install instructions

To play, download the zipped file, extract it, then open the application.


amphibian_dating_simulator-pc.zip 129 MB
amphibian_dating_simulator-mac.zip 111 MB


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plus i made a wiki about your game, don't worry, i remind newest visitors that the wiki is fanmade LOL XD! Croaki Croaki Literature Club! Wiki

Sorry for the super late replay but this is the funniest thing thank you lmao

No prob!

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Wow, this is a great game that was inspired by DDLC, NOT COPIED! This game was funny and good thing it wasn't horrific or long, cuz that will ruin the great, funny quirkiness. This game will be rated a 5-star! Make more plz!

this game was life changing. i played it 20 years ago and i now specialise in frogs. this game is a masterpiece and i dont want to step on dan salvatoes but dare i say this is better than the original??? the nods to the membrane was truly genius, as well as the fourth wall breaks that really stuck with me. the absolute madness of having newtsuki, salyori, and frogika as puns, only to have yuri as TOAD?!?!?!? your mind good sir, or lady, or non-binary folk. i've never had this much respect for anyone and i am friends with ben shapiro, owner of libtards. i will voice toad. please let me voice toad. please. ill do it for free. my head hurts with the love i have for this version of toad.

this kinda sounds like an copy of something called... hmmmm doki doki literature club. great u made the cinnamon bun sad

play this first man. total mind change. appreciate the flex of it all.